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Teecoinz Nigeria was established in the year 2020. Teecoinz is a total e-business solution provider that specializes in the provision of fast, reliable and efficient e-currency exchange service to the clients who desire to buy and sell online with ease. We are one of the World's most reliable and fastest link to the World of e-currency. We help you convert your Cash to E-currency and we also help you convert your E-currency to Cash. We provide convenience for our clients in all areas of e-business..

We guarantee that you will fall in Who are our customers We provide services to large Online Forex Brokers, Internet Merchants, Exchangers, Consultancy Companies and Individuals, who prefer safe e-currency exchange, cash to e-currency or e-currency to cash services.Over a decade we have been a part of the industry evolution and a solely pioneer of the ever used term - Instant Funding (the term widely used now by almost all exchanges/exchangers in the country)